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Thursday, March 25, 2004  


It's here. We're dead.

The end.

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Monday, March 22, 2004  

He Didn't Say "We Got This By The Ass"

Went to see DOTD '04 on opening night.

Good stuff.

If you'd told me, a year ago, that I'd be in a movie theater seeing a remake of "Dawn of the Dead," I probably wouldn't have believed you. If you'd told me I'd be enjoying the hell out of it, I almost definitely wouldn't have believed you.

Saw it I did. Enjoyed it I most certainly... did... enjoy. Uh...

Yeah, so it was good stuff. What it lacks in character development, depth, subtlety, irony, and social commentary, it more than makes up for in raw, anarchic, zombie-splatter action. It's an action movie about zombies, rather than a zombie movie that just happens to have some action.

My only complaint: Gone are the days of slow, lumbering zombies. At this point, post-"28 Days Later" and post-"New Dawn of the Dead," the mainstream moviegoing crowd will simply not accept anything less than leaping, flailing, sprinting undead. Someone could come along and make a more traditional (read: Romero-ish) zombie picture, but it wouldn't sell. Kids today just wouldn't be able to wrap their Ritalin-addled brains around it. This upsets me.

And why is Romero working on this Dead movie instead of his fourth, y'know, real Dead movie? Mmm? Answer me that.

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