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Monday, September 27, 2004  

A Lot On My Mind

Not really though. Just that I don't understand how the film "Seven" has transformed into something called "Se7en" (take note how the IMDB has bought into that bullshit). It didn't used to be called that. It used to be called "Seven." Do you know what "Se7en" is? It's what the DVD case designer put on the cover. Stick the numeral 7 in the middle of the word "Seven" and you've got a neat little logo. That's all. Now everybody's referring to it as "Se7en" like it's the new cool way to be.

(They've been doing it for a while, actually, and I just kind of got around to being bothered by it.)

"Se7en" is not a word, let alone a pronouncable collection of syllables. Unless you can point me to an interview with David Fincher or the writer of the film in which they explicitly say "The name of this film is Ess ee seven ee en," I won't call it that.

Calling it "Se7en" is like referring to "Solaris" as "Ess eclipse laris." That was the first example that came to mind. I'm sure there are better ones. Like "Back Left-Pointing Arrow to the Future." Or "Wing Top Star Gun Wing."

Okay, that was a stretch. Anyway, it's just the fucking logo, folks. It's graphic design. You don't have to read and write it that way.

Why does stuff like this annoy me so much? I am filled with hate.

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