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Friday, September 10, 2004  


Heard about this forged memo thing yet?

The short version: CBS got hold of some Vietnam-era memos from the personal files of Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Killian, who was Bush's superior officer in the Texas National Guard. These memos outlined a request from the commanding general to "sugar coat" Lt. Bush's officer evaluation. This would be the first solid evidence that Bush's service record was embellished. A very serious blow against the incumbent President.

Problem is, these memos appear to be ridiculously obvious forgeries-- to the point where they reek of having been produced in Microsoft Word and not on any typewriter that existed in 1973.

Anyway, CBS is sticking by their story, that the documents are real and that they had some expert verify their authenticity. Ah, but there's another problem: CBS refuses to say where they got the docs, nor will they name who did the verifyin'.

Oh, and Killian died in 1984, so nobody can ask him. Convenient (or "decidedly inconvenient," as Andy Dufresne would say, Tim Robbins notwithstanding).

The evidence for these memos being forged far outweighs the evidence against, as "nothing" doesn't really weigh much at all.

CBS first aired it's '60 Minutes' bit on the memos a couple of days ago. By yesterday afternoon, the blogosphere was all over it, further proving that the mainstream media's head is up its own ass, probably for good. For tons of details and updates, check PowerLine (who broke the story, I believe), the Command Post, Drudge, or AllahPundit, among a million other places.

Don't bother checking CBS.

Update (1:25 PM): Dan Rather personally vouches for the memos' authenticity. Way to put your career on the line, man.

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