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Tuesday, August 31, 2004  

Speech (Not "Speach")

Here's a transcript of the fiery speech Rudy Giuliani gave last night at the RNC. I didn't even know about it until I read it online this morning, because it was ignored by the networks, which as we all know, are either perfectly objective and nonpartisan to the point of blessed sainthood, or heavily biased in favor of Republicans and conservatives and the right-- after all, only a blind homeless junkie foreigner retard mongoloid corpse baby would think that the media is liberal.

For example, in an effort to be "fair and balanced," USA Today got Ann Coulter to cover the Democratic National Convention and Michael Moore to cover the Republican National Convention. What a zany ol' switcheroo! Now that's what I call capital-f Fair, and capital-b Balanced. One thing that absolultely positively did not happen was that USA Today ended up not running Coulter's piece. That didn't happen because the media reports everything objectively. Or because the media is a mouthpiece for the Republican White House. But it does not slant to the left. Nope.

(I just wanted to say "Coulter's piece.")

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