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Tuesday, July 27, 2004  

Who the fuck printed "KENNEDY" signs to hold up as Ted Kennedy gives his speech at the DNC?

And more importantly, why isn't Ted Kennedy's DNC speech being broadcast live from jail?

I'm watching this because the "debate" between Bill O'Reilly, who I do not like, and Michael Moore, who I like even less, will be aired soon.

Can't wait!

UPDATE: The Next Day...

O'Reilly blew it.  He was doing well at first, pointing out repeatedly that a lie is something that is told with full knowledge that it isn't the truth, and given that Bush (and everyone else who counts) truly believed Iraq had WMD... when was Moore going to apologize for accusing the President of flat-out lying about it?  O'Reilly flubbed it, though, when Moore asked him if he would would sacrifice his child to secure Fallujah, and he just stumbled over it and said "Well, uh, I'd sacrifice myself," etc., instead of giving him the proper retort: "We don't sacrifice our children to go to war.  The 'children' in question are all eighteen or older, and made the decision to join the armed services all of their own accord.  That's a dishonest question obviously designed to elicit an emotional, knee-jerk response from viewers who lack the critical thinking skills necessary to determine what I just said on their own.  In other words, viewers like your ugly and slow-witted fans."

(At least, I assume Ol' Bill would have added that last part.)

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