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Friday, June 25, 2004  


Fahrenheit 9/11 opens today. Howard's been talking about it all morning, and by talking, I mean masturbating furiously into his own mouth. I've seen a bunch of the previews for Moore's new flick on the teevee, and I can say with confidence that whatever else the film might be, it's going to be




The music, the MTV quick-cut editing, the unabashed 'tude. A few more exploding helicopters and we'd be in Jerry Bruckheimer territory. (Actually, I haven't seen the movie yet. There are probably exploding helicopters aplenty.)

Moore knows what he's doing. He's an excellent filmmaker, and an even better propagandist. He knows what buttons to push and which heartstrings to pull. He knows how to make people believe what he's saying, even when (especially when) they aren't quite sure what it is that he's trying to say. (Ask a roomful of his supporters what his 'documentary' Bowling For Columbine was about and you won't get the same answer twice.)

He's a master at arguing to his viewers' emotions, rather than to their brains. Oh, he'll swear up and down that his work is objective (except when he's cornered, which is when he says that it's all in the name of comedy and/or satire), but it takes more than him saying it with a solemn face and a photo of a dead girl in his hand to make it anything more substantial than cheap emotional pandering.

Ah, look at me. Reviewing the thing before I've even seen it. I'm gonna try to go, next week maybe. Not on Wednesday, though. Spidey owns Wednesday. If I do see it in the theater, you can bet I'll do the same as I did when I saw BFC: Buy a ticket for something else. Red Dragon got my money last time. This time, I think it'll be Garfield.

Heh. Garfield the fucking live-goddamn-action Movie. Jesus Laserpistol Christ in a flying sidecar.

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