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Monday, June 07, 2004  

"...the bombing will begin in five minutes"

Sometimes a good way to remember someone is just to remember and think about what they said while they were still around. So... does anyone have any good Reagan quotes? I'm gonna go find a few of my own favorites and update this post with them, but if you happen to remember any of yours, leave them in the comments, if you wanna. (I know nobody reads this site any more, but I figured I'd ask anyway, in case some random stranger stumbles in here looking for underage midget rape photos and feels like leaving a comment about Ronnie.)

Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President a few months after my first birthday, so while I was technically alive during both terms of his Presidency, I can't say I remember a whole hell of a lot of it. Looking back, though, and reading what I can about him, one of the things that impresses me the most was how his character was reflected in his speech. When was the last time you heard a President tell you that government's not the solution to the problem, that government is the problem? He was quick with a good comeback, too, especially during his prime.

I don't look at Reagan like some kind of shining, golden mega-hero. He wasn't infallible.

But goddammit if that guy didn't have one big ol' set of balls. I doubt I'm going to see another President like him in my lifetime. That makes me kinda sad, y'know? Like, after him, all I can look forward to is term after term of slimy, grinning shysters without an ounce of the character Reagan had. If you lined up all the Presidents who've occupied the White House during my lifetime, and asked me to pick my gee-golly favoritest, I can't think of one for whom I have more respect than Ronald Reagan. He'll be missed.

UPDATE: has one of my favorites:

"I hope that when you're my age you'll be able to say, as I have been able to say: we lived in freedom, we lived lives that were a statement, not an apology." - Ronald Reagan

And here's another:

"Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first." - Ronald Reagan

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