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Wednesday, May 26, 2004  

Move Along If You've Heard This Already...

...but this is pretty great: Somebody (I was unable to determine the identity of this intrepid wonderwizard) mixed Nickelback's hit single of last year, "How You Remind Me," together with their hit single of this year, "Someday." One song on the left channel, one song on the right. The results are simultaneously hilarious and kind of sad; They're more or less the exact same song.

The choruses come in at the same time, the quiet parts come in at the same time, the tempo is exactly the same, and the songs both finish at the exact same moment, fading out on nearly the same exact note.

I don't know if any tinkering was done to either track to make them fit together, but for the sake of humor, I hope not.

Anyway, here's the mp3; Judge for yourself. (Right-click and Save As, pleez.)

As a sidenote, I'd like to mention that mixing two songs together will be the new hotness. Listening to two songs at the same time makes me feel like some kind of super-efficient MENSA robo-cyborg genius. (Only downside being that it's two Nickelback songs.)

Oh yeah, and uh, politics and stuff.

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