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Thursday, April 15, 2004  

"We do NOT tolerate subjectivists here!"

Been lurking a while on the Objectivism Online forums, checking out what people have to say about X, Y, and Z. While a considerable amount of useful and applicable knowledge can certainly be gleaned from perusing the forum's countless posts, it's interesting to note some peoples' reactions to what they perceive as "subjectivist" (that is, "the doctrine that all knowledge is restricted to the conscious self and its sensory states").

It's also pretty disheartening to see the treatment some people get for simply daring to use the word "Objectivism" when talking about an issue that hasn't been covered in any "official" Objectivist texts.

It's one thing (the correct thing) to denounce, and even be intolerant of subjectivism, but it's something else to ban people from posting simply because they had the (apparently) gigantic balls to suggest such outrageous ideas as actually applying Objectivist philosophy to problems that Rand didn't explicitly address in her writing before she died. This is the difference between "Randroids" and just plain-ol' don't-take-no-shit Objectivists. I like to consider myself one of the latter, not because I've read everything Rand's ever written (which I haven't) and not because I pride myself on my own intolerance of genuine irrationality (which I do), but because I try my absolute damndest to use the basic principles of the philosophy as the backbone of my own worldview. It appeals to me because it's the gee-whiz rightest and least contradictory set of principles I've ever come across. It's the best way to look at reality, because it's the only way that refuses to back down from the fact that reality is reality, regardless or what you, or I, or Johnny Lunchpail say it is. That's the bottom line.

Anyway, for kicks, compare the attitudes of some of the mods on the Objectivism Online forums to those of the people who run

Objectivism and the capacity for appreciating humor are not mutually exclusive, no matter what some people might have you believe.

And fuck those people, anyway.

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