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Monday, April 12, 2004  

Haven't Completey Run Out Of Ideas For Things To Post Yet, But Getting There...

To everyone working themselves into a frenzy at the idea of one day seeing the House of Blue Leaves fight in all its glorious crimson color, I say: Yes, it appears it was filmed in color, but every supposed spurt of scarlet was actually black. As illustrated in a few shots seen in the Kill Bill Volume 1 Bootleg Trailer (on the DVD I got on Friday), Uma's yellow tracksuit is splattered with what looks like jet-black ink.

Though this confirms the suspicions I had while watching the movie in the theater for the first time ("It looks like there's watery ink jetting out of those stumps!"), it still begs the question: Why shoot it in color in the first place, if you're going to skimp on the redness?

I haven't even Googled this mystery yet, so maybe I'm the 37,854th person to make this discovery. Anyway, at the very least, I find it interesting that new (old?) doubts can be cast on the alleged decision to de-colorize the film's bloodiest and most extensive fight sequence on the grounds that it would lower the rating to "R" from "NC-17." In this bored skeptic's mind, it looks as though it was planned for black and white all along. Not to mention the rather important fact that the script explicitly states the points at which the scenes change to and from full color. *shrug*

But do you really care? That's the important question.

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