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Thursday, April 01, 2004  

From The "I Wish I'd Thought Of That" Files...


They encourage you to download their songs, which are available right there on the website for free. Songs with titles like "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be," and "Everybody's Got a Ticket To Ride Except For Me and My Lightning."

And "Leper Madonna."

Simply and obviously brilliant. Cleverly played, and the singer's Hetfield is spot on.

UPDATE: And yeah, I know it's April Fool's (Fools'?) Day and everything, but no, I didn't make this up. Though I wish I did. Because then I could take credit for it. Anyway. Guess what, you have a life-threatening illness. Oh wait, no you don't! April Fool's (Fools'?), you sap.

'NUDDER UPDATE: Go check out Maddox's page. He's done it up nice on account'a today.

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