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Tuesday, April 13, 2004  

Do You Have The Timge... To Listen To Me Whinge?

What's the deal with saying that people who complain a lot are "whinging?" Whinging? "Whinn-jing?"

It's "whining." You whine. You don't whinge.

Just what the fuck is going on around here, anyway?

/abrupt subject change

Anyone out there in internet land know anything about Adobe Premiere Pro? Specifically, I'm looking for a good way to use it to achieve that ever-elusive Holy Grail of "film look" when working with digital video.

Y'see, film looks the way it does because it's showing you 24 frames every second, one after another. Video, on the other hand, is showing you 30 frames a second, interlacing every other stripe of one frame with every other stripe of the next (so it's almost sorta like 60 half-frames a second), and it looks too "real" for some people, sometimes. Like me, like now. Film looks, well, more cinema-like. Without much tweaking, digital video looks amateur-cheapy a lot of the time.

I know there are film-look plugins available for Premiere Pro (and other nonlinear editing software), but the prollem is that they're not free. I need free. I was wondering if there are any settings I can play around with to drop 6 of every 30 frames (and have the frames display progressively instead of interlaced) while keeping the audio the way it is. If anyone knows anything about this, please oh please drop a comment.

Actually, if anyone has anything at all to say about anything at all related to digital video, or film editing, or filmmaking in general, or films in general, or the fact that this August 6th Memo thing is a stupid-crazy jerkoff circus, say something in the comments.

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