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Monday, March 08, 2004  

A Little Help...?

Alright, it's kind of stupid for me to ask this here, but what the hell:

I distinctly remember thumbing through a Batman trade paperback (or "graphic novel" if you prefer) a long time ago, with a "what-if?" type storyline revolving around the idea that Bruce Wayne's entire career as Batman took place only in his mind as he lay in a bed in a mental hospital somewhere. I remember a part in the story where he's going nuts trying to figure out if everything he did as Batman actually took place or not, and once he finally convinces himself that he's not crazy, and dons his costume and everything, he leaps out the window of his hospital room, whereupon he realizes he's only wearing some shitty plastic garbage bags, and that he's not (and never was) Batman, and that he's currently falling from a very tall building.

I remember all that, but what I don't remember is what the damn book was called. Any of you ever read it? D'ya know what it was called?

It was pretty neat. Someone (not Joel Schitmacher) should make a movie out of it.

Anyway, so that this post isn't completely stupid and pointless, here's a link to something interesting that likewise involves entire universes taking place in someone's mind. Interesting, that is, if you're a nerd.

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