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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  


In case you hadn't noticed, I've just about run out of things to say that are in any way related to politics.

It's not that I don't care any more; It's that I don't care about what lots of other people are saying about anything any more. I just got tired of reading the same arguments again and again, as the same old false conclusions are being reached over and over via the same old shaky premises. Fortunately, for me, the thunderous sounds of backs being patted and round after round of cheers for "progress" having been made (as well as the moans lamenting the lack thereof) are finally dwindling to a low, easy-to-ignore hum in my brain.

I likes it that way.

A little while back, I began to realize that I was hesitating before writing anything here about Politician ABC or Policy XYZ (or even Semi-Controversial Topic 123), and I asked myself why I wasn't just going ahead and posting. It occurred to me that I wanted to avoid the inevitable Comments headaches that would follow such a post. Now, it's not that I don't want any arguing. I actually get a kind of perverse kick out of arguing. Sometimes. And yeah, the point of having Comments section is to get feedback. I know.

I guess what finally got to me is the realization that it's simply impossible to deal reasonably with unreasonable people. If someone's convinced that every move made by the Bush administration is motivated by a vampiric lust for oil, or that there's a grand Western conspiracy to oppress all the womyns, or that people were better off living in caves without technology, or that I'm going to burn in Hell for not paying attention to the invisible sky-king, well, I'm probably not gonna be the one to convince them otherwise. "But that's part of the point of having a site like this-- to convince people that what you think is right!" you might say. Well, yeah. The thing is, it's only a matter of time before you realize that the brick wall you're yelling at is pretty much set in its ways, and all you're succeeding at is making yourself hoarse. There isn't much I can say that can undo years and years of government school indoctrination (and I don't just mean the political kind, I mean the kind that conditions young people to be afraid of thinking), and there isn't much I can do that would get someone to think when their cognitive abilities are limited to repeating what they hear their peers (or their favorite band, or zine, or professor, or whatever) saying.

So I just don't care any more. If I offer some particular viewpoint here, and someone reads it and thinks about it, then swell. Otherwise...

My newfound indifference is fueled by the fact that reason ultimately has to win out, because reason is reason. It's reality. There's nothing else. One can deny reality, sure. One can deny reality till they're blue in the face. But they're still gonna die like everyone else. Then we'll see who's denying what.

At any rate, I'm gonna continue posting stuff here. It might be political, it might not be. For example, I absolutely do not give one tin shit which Xerox-copied statist the Democrats decide to give the honor of losing to our current statist in this year's election, so I will most likely stay away from that subject, as I have been so far.

On the other hand, I care a great deal about zombies, zombie movies, the Japanese robot threat, and situations in which a gorilla wears a viking helmet while riding on the back of a great white shark that can fly and shoot lasers from its mouth, so I will probably write about those things.

And I'll do it all with the same free-market, pro-capitalist, pro-reason, anti-collectivist, anti-statist perspective that influences, in one way or another, nearly everything that I've written here before.

Since starting this blog, I've noticed (especially in more recent months) a few other sites, here and there, that share at least some of my own ideals. Sites that were likely conceived with goals similiar to mine in mind. Among them are GOPunk, Dr. Balls, Anti-Anti-Flag, Consertvative Punk, Capitalist Chicks, Liberty Soul, BureauCrash, Save the Humans, and Punkvoter Lies. And, of course, the one that sorta served as inspiration for my own, whether they like it or not, If you're looking for sociopolitical perspectives that aren't usually found within the punk "community," I invite you to check some of them out.

Now, rather than explain for the quadrillionth time that I'm not a mouthpiece for the Republican party or a rightwing Christian wacko, I'll just let you form your own opinion (well, you were gonna do that anyway, right?), because hey-- even if it's obscenely misinformed, or even outright stupid as hell, it's still no skin off my ass.


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