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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

All I Know Is That It'd Be Pretty Great If He Says "We Got This By The Ass" At Some Point In The Remake

I just learned, via Fangoria's website, that the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake features cameos by Ken Foree and Scott Reiniger, the SWAT team guys from the original film. Foree ("Peter" in the original) plays a televangelist, and Reiniger ("Roger") plays some type of military commander guy.

Not that this is the kind of thing anyone likes to hear about themselves, but... I could have sworn that I'd read somewhere that Scott Reiniger had passed away. It could've explained why he never appeared at horror conventions, where Ken Foree can sometimes be found.

Thankfully, though, he's most certainly not dead. Here's a pic of SWAT pals Roger and Peter in their DOTD remake roles. Pretty neat.

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