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Monday, February 09, 2004  


Trying to name posts is hard, and I give up very, very quickly. Here's some stuff:

The Lightning Bolt DVD documentary-thing, The Power of Salad is really good. It's noise rock for people who hate noise rock; Noise rock that, while noisy, doesn't sacrifice any of the rock. The disc's two animated videos compliment the songs like nothing else could, with the possible exception of a brutal beating at the fists of a juiced-up maniac.

Meanwhile, Dr. Frank's got mustaches on the mind.

Ben's written about some of the shittier aspects of being in a touring band. It makes me glad, in a pathetic way, that my band never "toured" anywhere past the next county over. Every time we got paid for a show, we would look at each other like, "What? I was happy enough with the drinks being free!" We never even reached the level where we could get screwed over by promoters or club owners. Ben makes several good points about the band/audience relationship, and how lots of show-goers turn into thick-browed neanderthal goons as soon as the music starts.

Here's a joke:

Q - Why did Hellen Keller have a bad time at the zoo?
A - Because she couldn't see or hear any of the animals.

When will someone post something new at Eh? Dammit.

I actually brought the last Clash ("Clash 2.0" if ya wanna get picky, which I do) CD, Cut the Crap, to work today. I haven't listened to it in forever, and I thought it might be time to remind myself how punishingly poor it is. Except for maybe that "Three Card Trick" song. I've got a bootleg of a show where they play that song, and it sounds forty times better than on the CD.

The end.

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