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Friday, February 13, 2004  

Solving The World's Problems, One Stupid Complaint At A Time

If everyone (that's men and women alike) left the toilet seat however they wanted to, nobody could complain any more. As it is, men are expected to do all the work: Put the seat up, piss, then put the seat back down. Women, meanwhile, can just waltz right into the bathroom and piss to their hearts' content, never once altering the position of the seat. It's high time men took a stand against this grave injustice, and began a movement to distribute toilet-seat position-changing equally between themselves and their "better halves."

(I can be accused of lots of things*, sure, but let it be known that "supporting inequality among the sexes" isn't one of 'em.)

*Among the things I can be accused of is "writing stupid blog posts." Don't forget to include this when accusing me of various things!

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