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Monday, January 12, 2004  

"Quien Es Mas Macho..."

...Karl Marx, or Howard Dean? A question that Todd at Popshot decided to tackle. Big gub'mint, or small gub'mint? Collectivism, or individualism? These two fellas seem to agree on a number of principles.

Let me apologize in advance to you Bush=Hitler types; What I linked to is a piece of writing, not a video with moving pictures. You might want to ask a parent, or a favorite teacher or coach to read it out loud to you, as it's considerably longer than what the average Sharpie-wielder can fit on a posterboard sign. When they're done reading it to you (be patient, it will likely be more than thirty seconds before they're finished), ask them how many equals signs (=) appeared in the article.

It was a simple question of quien es mas macho-- much more a thoughtful examination of collectivist ideologies and those who uphold them than an attempt to draw a funny little moustache on a personal/political enemy.

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