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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

This One's For the Kids...

...who've got the impression that I think George Dubya is a swell, swell dude, or that I lavish happy praise upon every one of his administration's doings:

Read this, by Mr. Kim duToit. And listen to me when I say that I agree with his criticisms. It's when Bush lays shit like this on us that I despise him the most, because he's doing exactly what a Republican President shouldn't do: Use the power of the state to tell us what's good for us.

And then listen to me when I tell you that as I was Christmas shopping last night, I picked up a five-disc, ten-movie Sonny Chiba DVD set. All the 'Street Fighter' movies, and more. For twenty bucks!

(Yes, you guessed it: I am yet another guy who was inspired by 'True Romance' to check out some Sonny Chiba flicks. Just like everyone else in the universe. Thank you, Quentin.)

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