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Wednesday, December 31, 2003  

New Year's Eve, 2003

To paraphrase myself, from almost exactly one year ago today:

Where are the goddamn hoverboards, Zemeckis? You've got until 2015 to give us the frigging hoverboards. I'm gonna hound you every New Years because, well... I want me one.

Or, to quote Lewis Black: "It's 2003! Why can't I teleport?"

Yeah, why? Come on, scientists. Whatever, I've seen the invisiblity coat and the instant liquid armor, and the force fields for tanks, and all that stuff's pretty great, but I think it's high time we started teleporting our asses to and from work, because the NJ Transit buses are pretty fucking unreliable these days.

(And no, I will not consider the implications of an unreliable NJ Teletransit teleporter. Maybe I want some extra arms, or a single super-strong leg. Or spider DNA. Or seven kinds of cancer.)

Just gimme the teleport.

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