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Friday, December 05, 2003  

He Rants and Raves, He Screams and Shouts, He Always Flips His Lid / But Deep Down Inside, He Loves You Kids

Ben Weasel's written something about people who get it.

I'm just glad that there are people like him who are out there doing stuff for other people to get.

Know what I mean?

In this mostly-but-not-exclusively autobiographical piece, he talks a little about feeling proud of what he's done over the years. He has every right to be proud. Illustrated simply: You can walk into almost any halfway-decent record store in the country, from big chains to hole-in-the-wall indies, and see one of these:

That one happens to be located in the store where I work. I just got up from my desk, walked onto the sales floor, and snapped the picture.

I think that's pretty fucking remarkable.

Whether or not you're a fan of his music, you should check out his latest post. It'll interest Screeching Weasel fans, absolutely, but it also speaks on a more
meat-and-potatoes level to just plain old people. People who get it.

Sidenote: D'ya think I use other people's lyrics as titles for posts too often? I figure maybe I do. Oh well. How else am I supposed to show off how much I know?

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