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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

A Day Late...

I meant to post something here the other day about how it's been a hundred years since Orville and Wilbur Wright flew their shitty plane a few feet off the ground.

The cool thing about it is... it's only been a hundred years. I'm sure there are a few folks who were around for that historic flight that are still upright and taking nourishment today. Maybe they even remember watching the Wright Flyer flop about like a wounded pelican live on CNN. And maybe they taped it and I can borrow a copy...

Can you believe it's been almost fifty years since we (by "we" I mean "human beings," as opposed to "Americans," since it was the filthy pinko commies who did it) first lobbed a silvery beeping orb out into space around our planet? I almost can't.

Can you believe it's been over fifty years since Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier over the Mojave Desert in southern California? I mean, fer chrissakes, what remains the fastest winged aircraft in the world today was developed in the fifties and sixties!

This stuff blows me away.

As far as links go, if you're interested, check out the National Air and Space Museum. Poke around and learn some stuff.

Or, if you think all of that is just plain dumb, then please go fornicate yourself with an iron stick. Or, go read Ben Weasel's latest, "Politics and Punk." Though I can't say I agree with every single one of his points, by and large the whole piece is just one of those things that I'm really glad someone in the "punk community" (typing that phrase makes me want to vomit) has written; A critical examination of thoughts about stuff that's not examined critically often enough.

I'm sure his opinions will be written off as the irrelevant musings of a guy who's too old to have anything worthwhile to say by those whose minds are already made up because they're too young to know any better, but I still say it's great and you should check it out.

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