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Monday, November 03, 2003  

'Reagans' No More

I was just at Blockbuster renting '200 Cigarettes' like I said I would. They only had it on VHS, the cretins. They had the DVD case but no actual disc, which led me to believe that it was currently out, but no dice: they've stopped carrying the DVD. All they had was the primitive, savage, neanderthal VHS tape. I rented it anyway.

Speaking of anyway: Anyway, as I was on line waiting forever, the moniter above had some news guy on it telling me that CBS has decided not to air the controversial tv-movie about Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The newsguy's source was apparently the Drudge Report.

So CBS isn't gonna show their shitty smear movie, 'The Reagans.'


UPDATE: Not as good as I thought: Apparently they're just letting Showtime show the movie instead.

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