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Friday, October 17, 2003  

Zombies in Film and Literature

Item: The trailer for the Dawn of the Dead remake is now up on Apple's site. As I've said before, I'm gonna see this movie, but of course...

ZOMBIES + MALL does not automatically = DAWN OF THE DEAD. It might make for an interesting and possibly cool zombie survival movie, but... whatever, I've said enough on this as it is, and you're probably tired of it, not to mention pissed off at me for that Yankees post.

Anyway, speaking of zombie survival, Mel Brooks' son Max has written The Zombie Survival Guide. (Let's hope that wacky Amazon link works...) I bought this 272-page paperback as soon as I'd heard of it's existence, and read nearly the entire thing while sitting in a big fucking room waiting to be called for jury duty. The book is amazing, fantastic, and despite the "Humor" categorization on the back cover by the price, almost totally devoid of humor. In this exhaustively thorough tome, the author treats the possible threat of a zombie attack with the absolute seriousness that it deserves. What's the best place to set up a safe haven? What terrains are optimal for fighting zombie hordes? What combination of weapons and supplies will you and your group need to keep on breathing? These questions, and thousands more, are answered in this book. There's even a giant section at the end that covers real, documented zombie attacks throughout history, explaining what steps the humans involved took to survive (or what foolish blunders they committed that led to their destruction).

When I say that the book is "exhaustively thorough," I mean it. There's an entire chapter on how to fight (or avoid) zombies who are underwater. I'm serious; This book is fucking great, and if you follow the advice inside (NEVER hide in the basement, always go up the stairs and then knock the staircase down-- zombies are stupider than shit and can't really climb anything), you just might live through a Class 3 infestation.

What does the author consider Class 4? Picture "Day of the Dead:" Almost total worldwide zombie population, zombies far outnumbering humans. There's more than a chapter's worth of material on how to set up your own mini-civilization in hopes of eventually re-starting the human race.

Zow! That's what I say about this book.

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