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Monday, October 06, 2003  

Two Things

Thing Number One:
Bowling For Truth has a great side-by-side comparison of Michael Moore's take on the Patriot Act vs. Jonah Goldberg's. Good stuff.

Thing Number Two:
The upcoming (10/14) Distillers album, "Coral Fang," is gonna be great. You can listen to some of it here (look for the link to the music player). This new record finds them with a second guitarist and a more polished sound. But not polished in a bad way. It's like they took their sound from "Sing Sing Death House" and lovingly polished it with a greasy rag soaked in Everclear.* The first single and video, 'Drain the Blood,' is raw in all the right places, and catchy as hell.

*Everclear the 190-proof grain alcohol/furniture stripper, not Everclear the eight-proof band, in case you were wondering.

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