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Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

More Crap About Movies
(Still No Crap About Politics)

Any 'Matrix' fans out there wanna explain something to me?

Last night, me and my friend Matt (who occasionally drops a comment here on this site) were watching 'The Matrix: Reloaded.' Something occurred to us, amid all the fighting and racing and shooting and dancing and sunglasses: Why did the machines create the Matrix for the humans? Does it serve ANY purpose other than letting the humans enjoy a fake little world? (And of course letting movie fans get a taste of cool, creamy, "reality is only what you decide it is" existentialism.) It must be horribly inefficient to maintain this absurdly realistic mind-universe for their human 'batteries.' Personally, if I were the killer machines, I'd cut off all resources that go into keeping up the Matrix and use those resources to, I don't know, maybe... build more killer robots? So I could, you know, kill more of the rebellious humans? Maybe?

Since these overdirected two-hour eyefucks seem to be everyone in the world's favorite movies, maybe someone out there can tell me why the robots even bother wasting one joule of energy on letting the people have a fake world instead of simply KILLING THEM or SUCKING OUT THEIR PRECIOUS ELECTRIC JUICES.

Why even give your batteries a basis for comparison between the real, shitty world, and the fake, pleasant world? Would you rather have the occasional human battery wake up and go "Oh shit, this world sucks compared to the coolass world I was just in! I'm pissed and I want to kick the nutsack of whatever made this world suck so bad!" or "Oh shit, I don't even know anything because I've been unconscious my entire life. Aaaaghhh. And now back to having my juices sucked out."


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