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Monday, October 13, 2003  

Kill Bill Again

So here are some random, unorganized thoughts about Kill Bill. I'm going to keep updating this post throughout the day as I think of more things to say about the movie, and if you've got anything to add, or any questions (or answers!) please g'head and leave a comment or something. These comments do not by any means comprise my entire opinion of the movie; I thought the film was great and I enjoyed every second of it, as it was a pretty fantastic, very high-calibur entertainment fest. Anyway:

- What kind of hospital hires a guy with "FUCK" tattooed across his knuckles who shows up to work in a yellow pickup truck with "PUSSY WAGON" lettered on the tailgate?

- What kind of airline (even Air Okinawa) lets everyone on board with their samurai swords as part of their carry-on luggage? And I'm not even saying "in a post-911 world," I'm saying anytime anywhere.

- Would it have been too much trouble to sweep the tire tracks that the sheriff guy left in the dust while doing the scene where he pulls up the church in El Paso? As he pulls up, you can clearly see his tire tracks from previous takes.

- Am I just nitpicking, and these are all simply details that Tarantino put in deliberately to mimic some of the oddities/mistakes in the films he's paying homage to?

- When the Bride gets to the moonbase, and the guardian robot asks her for her passport and she says "Not today, Pele," and then shoots him with the laser, was that a reference to soccer superstar Pele?

- Shouldn't Sofie Fatale have died from blood loss on the floor before the big fight scene was even over? If not, shouldn't she have died from blood loss in the trunk of the car on the way to the hospital?

- Will the DVD of the movie feature a version of the Blue Leaves fight scene in color, since I thought I read someplace that Tarantino made it black and white to bring the film's rating down to "R"?

- After laying unconscious on a bed for four years, wouldn't your muscles just atrophy to the point of uselessness? I mean, I'm glad Tarantino at least wrote it so that she was paralyzed from the waist down, but... shouldn't her arms have been weak as hell too? Shit, it happens to astronauts who go into space for six months, and they're moving the whole time.

More to come...

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