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Thursday, September 25, 2003  


So NOFX's Fat Mike (who sings kinda flat, and isn't really so fat, as the song goes) wants to put together an album, or a tour or something, called Rock Against Bush. Several bands have agreed to contribute tracks to a compilation, including proud mall-punks Good Charlotte, Green Day, who will never make another album as good as 'Dookie' again, Sum 41, who are Canadian, Alkaline Trio, who continue to disappoint me with their ties to leftist politics, and Pennywise, about whom I can't think of anything to say because they're pretty spectacularly unremarkable.

When is this fucking idiot Fat Mike gonna realize that he's telling people to "think for themselves" by doing exactly what he tells them to do? Imagine me in a Lewis Black-like rage, roaring "If you tell people to think for themselves, and then tell them what to do with the expectation that they'll do it, then they're NOT THINKING FOR THEMSELVES!!!"

As I've written on this blog before, Fat Mike, the Bush-Hatin' routine is old. It's old, and you need some new material, because this audience member is yawning and glacing at his watch. Mike sez:

"About a year ago I decided to use my influence to get bands together to speak out about the president. I think it's our responsibility as citizens and musicians to do so. He's wrecking the country and the world. He's starting wars for no reason, our economy is in the toilet, he's ruining the environment, and he does things like cut taxes when we need money."

"For no reason?" Wow. No reason at all, huh?

"Economy's in the toilet?" Wow. You're really hurting, aren't you Mike?

Wait, wait... Fat Mike, lifelong punker and author of (and one-time believer in) the words "call it libertarian, 'cause we do as we please," is upset that taxes were cut? He genuinely wishes that the government would steal more money from the poor, poor, working-class people?

Shame on you, Mr. Fat Mike. Shame on you, as another Mike would say. So much for principles, eh, you cheap, desperate Donk-party shill? I wonder which tickles you more-- the little bit of money that such a compilation would make you, or the knowledge that you have control over the thoughts and beliefs of young, impressionable idiots. I'll bet it's the latter-- the influence over young minds. Either way... enjoy. Enjoy the perverse power-trip as you wave your royal punk-rock scepter over the filthy young masses, commanding them to give more power to the already-swollen government. Enjoy the unique position of never having to explain yourself or your actions, because hey-- you're a PUNK-PUNK SUPER MEGAPUNK, right? You can spout all the uninformed, illegitimate bullshit you like without ever having to answer to anyone. Ah, to be you. To be a dumb old asshole.

(I hijacked the link from David.)

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