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Thursday, September 25, 2003  

*sigh,* part two...

I'm tempted to say that I hope Bush loses the 2004 election, just so that I won't have to listen to the sound of punk bands stomping their feet and crying for four more years. And at least it wouldn't be like losing a dedicated, principled conservative or anything...

I mean it. It's almost at the point where it'd be worth it to me to have any old moron in the White House as long as his last name isn't "Bush" because I just don't know how much longer I'll be able to stand listening to rock bands tell me why Bush sucks. Plus, if this country ends up electing some socialist shithead, then *I* can have a turn at protesting and complaining and whining and organizing Anti-The-President shows and printing t-shirts and putting together compilation CDs.

I just read that the Donnas have signed up with 'Bands Against Bush.'



For emphasis, I'll ask again: WHY? The Donnas have NOTHING to gain by aligning themselves with one political view or another. Nobody listens to them because of their politics, because their music is completely and utterly apolitical, so unless they are trying to alienate some of their fans, what the crap are they trying to accomplish by doing this?

What the fuck. I need some Antiseen or something.

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