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Friday, September 12, 2003  


There's not much I feel like adding to what Ben Weasel and David from I'm So Lonesome I Could Blog have already said. (Those links should go right to each of their specific posts, but in case they don't, just scroll down.)

It's difficult for me to express my feelings towards remembering September 11th 2001, because frankly, I don't have very many of them (feelings, that is), and the ones I do have are strong and simple and straightforward enough to warrant only the simplest and most straightforward acknowledgement. I should say, they're straightforward enough to make me more or less indifferent to most of the media-generated fake tears and fake anger and fake everything that surrounds an event in American history that should be remembered and reflected upon with seriousness, not used to push any agendas, or for that matter, merchandise. Am I a filthy, America-hating, unwashed, dreadlocked, socialist, trust-fund hippie if I don't fall whimpering and trembling to my knees at the very numbers "nine" and "eleven" spoken in that order? Hell no. I haven't forgotten, and I won't. The other thing I won't do is subscribe to the forced-emotions because-we-say-so bullshit. Fair enough?

In other news that everyone else has already shared their feelings about, Johnny Cash just died at age 71. Though I'm not the world's biggest Man in Black fan, I certainly acknowledge that he was one of --the-- greats. I guess I only wish Sam Phillips had gotten as much ink for passing away as Cash has already seen less than 24 hours after his death was made public. But that's neither here nor there.

Christian Bale is gonna play Batman in an upcoming, Joel-Schumacher-bat-nipple-less sequel. I guess that's preferable to asking Val if he wants another shot.

Family Guy Season 3 DVD box is out. Guess where a respectable chunk of today's paycheck is going.

If you guessed "liquor," you were right. If you guessed "liqour and season three of 'Family Guy,' " you were even more righter.

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