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Wednesday, September 03, 2003  

Kirsten Dunst, You're Number Onest

So Todd and I agreed to unveil our Kirsten Dunst songs today. You can go here to listen to mine, in em-pee-three format. The singing is really pretty god-awful, so Kirsten, I'm sorry. You deserve much better.

Todd's song, which I promise is superior in every way, will probably appear here any minute.

Enjoy! And forgive my crappy, craptastic singing.

UPDATE: Oh my Jesus. Go listen to Todd's song right now. It's fucking great. He wrote so many more words than I did. He included references to things that actually have to do with her, whereas I just made up stupid girl-song lovey shit. He wrote a thoroughly good song, whereas I wrote and recorded an entire FM-radio pop-punk anthem and then decided I ought to get around to throwing some words on top of it. Him can sing, me can not.

Holy cow. I wannanother chance... can we do a hard techno remix next time, or something?


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