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Friday, August 22, 2003  

The Urinals and Unicycles of Marcel Duchamp

When we first went over Marcel Duchamp in art school, my initial loathing for his work prompted me to hand in a project that consisted of a small poster with a picture of his famous urinal, headed by the words "Marcel Duchamp Is A Duchbag" in a flowy, what-I-thought-looked-French-and-snooty script.

Since then, I've grown a sort of detatched appreciation for some of his ideas, if for no other reason than "wow, so he was the first guy to think of doing that?"

Hey look, I surprised even myself with this post.

Monday: The unveiling of the Kirsten Dunst pop-punk tribute song mp3. I think. Bass parts and rhythm guitar for the verses have to be recorded, as well as the singy bits. Then it all has to be compressed and mixed so that it sounds like I spent tens of thousands of dollars on a big-name radio-friendly punk producer like Rob Cavallo or one of the Lord-Alges, instead of zero dollars, which is how much I've actually spent.

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