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Monday, August 11, 2003  

Out of the Blue...

I've got a fairly good track record of posting things on the internet about people that end up being read by the people I'm writing about who then contact me to say "thanks" or "screw you" or whatever. I guess it's not really a good track record. But it's happened three or four times.


Hey, Kirsten Dunst. Do you think you could be just a little less attractive, please? I mean, it's driving me crazy. I should be working, but instead I'm looking at all your photos on IMDB.

Come on. Maybe you could wear one of those fake-nose-and-moustache glasses things whenever you go outside? Something?

Oh, and also: You were amazing in "Spider-Man." Hur hur, I just made a funny. "Amazing... Spider-Man?" See, I have a great sense of humor and would make a very suitable mate.

Thank you.

UPDATE: This is big news. Thanks to Twenty Questions, I've been able to use the internet to prove that Kirsten Dunst is my soulmate.

Even though it took 28 questions before the program got it right, I still think that's pretty impressive. If you answer No to "Is it a soulmate?" the next question it'll ask you will be, "Is it a celebrity?" The accuracy of this thing's guesses is pretty creepy.

UPDATE AGAIN: Screw. The link that showed my proof used to display the 28 questions that it asked me, as well as how I answered them, but now it just goes to the main page.

You'll have to take my word for it: She's my soulmate.

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