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Monday, August 18, 2003  

Miss Ellaneous

DVD reviews!

- House of 1000 Corpses... did anyone tell Rob Zombie that somebody already made this movie? Tobe Hooper made it back in 1974, and called it 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' With that out of the way, I can say I enjoyed 'House...' immensely. You can tell it was made by someone with a deep love and respect for the horror movies of twenty-five years ago.

- The first twenty minutes of crazy/beautiful... I picked this up in hopes of quenching, at least temporarily, my insatiable thirst for all things Kirsten. ("Thirstin' For Kirsten" would be a great name for a song. More on that in a minute...) Anyway, 'crazy/beautiful' is NOT 'Bring It On.' Yes, you get plenty of hot, hot Kirsten Dunst, but at the expense of her being a maniac who dances in the street to Latin beats instead of dancing in a high school gym to Toni Basil's "Mickey." It's just not the same. I turned it off after a skipping through a couple of scenes, knowing full well I'd watch it all the way through one of these days-- Kirsten's a much better actress than she needs to be, and this seems to be one of the movies that shows it.

- Bring It On... this was the best movie of 2000, and a landmark in modern American cinema. No, but okay, this movie could have been a lot worse than it was. You say to me, "Teen flick about white and black rival cheerleading squads" and I say to you, "No thanks, Charlie" but this movie surprised me several times with its pattern of NOT doing exactly what you'd expect a teen cheerleading movie to do.

Album Reviews!

- The Riverdales, Phase Three ... The third record from Chicago's Riverdales finds our heroes with a new drummer (Dan Sullivan, aka Dan Panic's shoes have been filled by Dan Lumley, who has also played with Screeching Weasel from time to time), as well as twelve solid new tunes. Sure, this album has a lot in common with their self-titled first record as well as their second, Storm the Streets, but if you were looking for some kind of radical departure, full of keyboards and scratching and samples and Malmsteen-esqe guitar rape, then you've been listening to to the wrong fucking band, haven't you? This record is a Ramones candy bar with chewy Ronettes caramel and a creamy Beach Boys nougat center; it's pure, from-the-heart, un-fucked-with punk rock. Gems like "Look Me Up" and "Out Of My Heart" will stay in your head for a period of time, the length of which you will surely deem appropriate.

- Shat, The Best of The Cunt Chronicles... Simply wonderful. These guys do System of a Down better than SOAD do SOAD, and since Shat's Jeff Wood sings about such things as his beloved ass hair comb, and the follies of trying to take a shit without also taking a piss, I love the hell out of Shat whereas I have only a cold, emotionless respect for the technical prowess of SOAD (because honestly, I really couldn't give less of a crap about political prisoners in Uzbekistan, or whatever it is that SOAD like to go on about).


Okay, so last week Todd and I decided to see who could write and record a song about Kirsten Dunst the fastest. For various reasons, neither of us are done with our songs yet, but we're aiming at a Wednesday or Friday debut. Check back here and here later this week for mp3s of our songs, which I prematurely guarantee will receive heavy radio airplay in the near future. However, "Thirstin' For Kirsten" wouldn't actually be a good name for either song, because her name is "KEER-sten," not "Ker-sten."

Personally, I'd go with "Kirsten Dunst, You're Number Onest," unless her last name is really "DOONst" and not "DUNst," in which case I am totally fucked.

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