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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  

Bytch Magazine

Ben Weasel links to the official website of Bitch Magazine, a publication with which I am very mildly familiar. He seems to think that the writers of this magazine are not "with us" in this year 2003, and as such, their work reads as very out-of-touch with modern America.

Of course, he's just a dirty, lumbering, groping, misogynistic, oppressive woman-hater if that's what he thinks. Or so I imagine their retort might sound. He's the one who's out of touch. It's not their relatively small subsect of 2003 feminism that doesn't have a clue, it's obviously him-- after all, he's the one who's clearly a swinging, hairy appendage of that big, faceless ogre known as "MEN," and so he's the one who's doing all the oppressing, even if he doesn't know that he's doing it! I imagine they might say this with much venom and spittle.

(I mean, the fucking rag is called "Bitch," for Pete's-- uh, Patricia's sake...)

Personally, I think the self-haters and perpetual victims (both amateur and professional) who run Bitch Magazine should take a clue from these people. Or womyn. Or pyple. Or whatever they've decided isn't the written equivalent of heavy leg-irons and shackles.

*If anyone would like to use the comments under this to take issue with Ben's statements or mine, I suggest pointing out that Mr. Weasel used to sing songs like 'Amy Saw Me Looking At Her Boobs' and 'Jeanie's Got A Problem With Her Uterus' because that would make for good "ammunition" on your part. Of course, I would then point out that Kathleen Hannah used to sing songs called 'Suck My Left One' and 'I Like Fucking,' and then we'll be at a lovely stalemate.

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