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Saturday, July 26, 2003  

You Know What They Say About Helicopters...

So this afternoon, I'm all set to go see '28 Days Later,' even though nobody's around and it looks like I'm gonna have to go by myself. No big deal-- at this point, I'm dead set on seeing this flick under any circumstances. I check the paper for the listings for the theater (sorry, "cineplex") by me... it's not listed. I go online,, check my theater to make sure... no '28 Days.' 'Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and C'mon, Who Really Gives a Shit' was playing in two separate theaters all through the day and on into the night, but '28 Days' was no longer being offered. Even though it's being advertised everywhere that there's an alternate ending now being shown after the credits, and even though these ads all say "NOW PLAYING: EVERYWHERE," it was not in fact playing, now, everywhere. My stupid complaint for today is that movies don't stay in theaters long enough, though I take some amount of comfort in the fact that they also hit video stores faster than ever these days.

'Daredevil' arrived in theaters when, a couple of months ago? The DVD hits stores this Tuesday. No joke.

So anyway, I saw 'Terminator 3' instead, and liked it. I kind of wish the My-So-Called-Life girl wasn't in it, because she gave it a sort of "bad sitcom episode" flavor. Only a little, though. What I focused on in 'Terminator 3' was all the myriad creative ways an assortment of machines, appliances, vehicles, and buildings were smashed to Hell. I think I can say I have not seen a better two hours' worth of smashing. In a fight scene between Arnold and the Terminatrix girl, he cracks her across the face with a porcelain urinal, shattering it, and then seconds later, slam-dunks her headfirst through a toilet bowl. Right through it, and several inches into the tile floor underneath. That is pure action-movie-fight genius. POW! Urinal, then POW! Toilet bowl. There was a car-chase involving a fire engine and an enourmous two-lane-wide crane truck. Millions of dollars in property damage to countless parked cars and sides of buildings. Stuff blowing up, people yelling a lot. Later, a helicopter crashes through a big metal bunker door and screeches to a grinding, fiery halt, only to be crushed by an even bigger helicopter that comes lurching through the hole an instant later.

(That rule, about a movie's quality being inversely proportional to the number of helicopters in it... I never really bought that.)

This movie out-smashfest'ed 'Hulk,' I can say that much.

Also, it stuck with and progressed the storyline from the first two, I think.

You're gonna wish you hadn't wasted your time reading all that when you realize you should have been reading this guest post over at A Small Victory, written by Ben Weasel, who was lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be) enough to see '28 Days Later' before it was plucked from the theaters to make room for an extra five showings of 'Legally Blonde 2: Who Is Legally Responsible For This Sequel Having Been Made?'

Oh well. '28 Days' will be out on DVD in a couple of minutes anyway. I can wait.

(A Small Victory's Michele is in the middle of the 24-hour 2003 Blogathon right now. Stop by and give her some love, and some sponsorship too, if ya can.)

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