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Monday, July 28, 2003  

No Damn Title, Just Click The Link!

This is absolutely tremendous. The Avrilution is at hand! These people are "Dedicated to the revolution of youth culture personified in Avril Lavigne." I don't care if it's genuine, or some kind of satire, or some kind of crazy fake-real hybrid; They'll even send you free stickers. For free.

(hat tip: Cold Fury)

UPDATE: There was an interview in SPIN with one of the site's creators, who is either taking himself way too seriously or just nudging the satirical barbs in deeper when he says things like, "Avrilutionaries are people who recognize and oppose the unprecedented strangle hold that profiteering corporations have over the ways that our society's culture is communicated and developed."

Why did they choose Avril Lavigne to be the face for this anti-corporate-media revolution?

"The ironic aspects of picking Avril are not lost on us. The choice has been somewhat controversial with some of our visitors who can't handle it. But like we said before, it's not meant to be an attack on her. Avril Lavigne isn't robbing our culture, in fact we're hoping that people who identify with her for her individuality and "be yourself" attitude will take it to the next level and do some critical thinking."

Oh, okay. But...

I think this guy's got a little too much faith in those who "identify" with Avril's "individuality." Dedicated fans of hers are not exactly known for their stellar critical thinking abilities in the uh, in the first place.

Ah well. The site is hilarious, and there are free stickers!

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