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Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

Like A Big, Badass Phoenix...

...Popshot Magazine has been rebirthed into a newer, tighter, sexier online entity: American Zine.

Check 'em out for record reviews you can stake your allowance money (or your tax refund check) on, plus movie news, pop culture ruminations, and uniquely pro-individual viewpoints as they apply to current events, music, and everything else.

Is this new venture a drastic departure from Popshot? Hell no, as Popshot/AmZine's editor (and my online buddy) Todd A says: "same indie rock, same individualism, more idiocy."

I'd beg to differ on the idiocy thing (though I do recognize good-natured self-deprecation when I see it). Popshot was one of the least idiotic online/print zines that I've ever, ever, ever been lucky enough to come across; nay, it was the very antidote to the poisonous idiocy found in the poorly-Xeroxed zines that somehow always end up sullying my record store's "FREE - TAKE ONE" rack. Check out Popshot's new incarnation.

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