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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Holy Shit, I Am Bored

I'm so bored with the latest round of "Bush Lied!" (tm) crap, that instead of writing about it here, I will try to remember and then list the last five DVDs that I have purchased.

In order, from most recent:

1) Crash
2) The Abyss: Special (Even Longer) Edition
3) At Close Range (this one was worth buying just so that at my leisure, I can replay the scene in which Christopher Walken informs one of his sons, played by Chris Penn, that he is a bastard.)

Wait, I bought those three all at the same time. Because I am bored, I'll count them all as one. Moving along...

2) Chopper
3) The Thing With Two Heads (has the best motorcycle chase involving a two-headed guy ever in American cinema)
4) Flea: Adventures In Spontaneous Jamming & Technique (Flea, sitting around with River Phoenix, discussing the magical, glowing, funktastic paste that flows through Bootsy Collins' veins. Hilarious, and informative. FYI: Flea is fucking crazy.)
5) I can't remember what was before that. I did recently watch a friend's copy of Videodrome, another Cronenberg weirdfest, this one involving a TV show that makes you hallucinate and go berserk. James Woods, Debbie Harry, and a slew of bizarre special effects are in it. Yes, Debbie Harry.

You can even see her boob in one scene, if I remember correctly! And that ain't no special effect, no sir. She was still looking good in 1983.

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