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Tuesday, June 17, 2003  

Weaseling Out Of Things Is Important-- It's What Separates Us From The Animals... Except The Weasel

A buddy of mine brought me a copy of Jersey Beat from 1996 at work today because it's got an interview with Ben Weasel, as well as an interview with Milo Auckerman from the Descendents. "Hey, cool!" I thought.

(Actually, I said it out loud as well.)

Then, as I was checking out Dr. Frank's new digs, I noticed a post that had been recently commented on by the aforementioned Mr. Weasel, and I thought that was pretty neat.

The idea that some of my musical heroes (I like to think I can hear the liquidy sound of their eyes rolling in their sockets whenever someone refers to them as such) happen to do things like maintain blogs and read them and comment on them somehow legitimizes the comparitively lukewarm ramblings that I half-assedly lob up onto this site of mine whenever inspiration strikes (or fails to strike, and I end up doing it out of some kind of convoluted sense of obligation).

Anyway, it's kind of like a "They do the blog thing, and so do I!" deal. Cheesy, I know. But it's nice to feel like I have something "in common" with them other than a mild-to-severe (depending on how close it is to summertime) obsession with the Ramones.* What I'm saying is that it's pretty darn inspirational.

I need to go find some articles about current political events. I haven't posted anything like that here in forever. A little more Instapundit, a little less LiveJournal: that's the way to go.

*Don't get me wrong-- a person can do a lot with a good, healthy Ramones obsession.

UPDATE: I just learned from Dr. Frank's site that Ben's started up his own blog. I wholeheartedly agree with The Doctor when he says that "the blogosphere just got more interesting." Go check out Weasel Manor!

PS: The "words are stirring..." sub-header that I've had up top for the past couple weeks is lifted from the Screeching Weasel song, "Slogans." FYI, 'cause it's relevant.

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