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Tuesday, June 03, 2003  

My Hat's Off To You, Sir

I just stumbled across a discussion about crappy crusty punk band Anti-Flag on a site called GOPunk (not "Go Punk," but "GOP, as in Republican, Punk." Astounding, as I thought I was the only one). A board member named SidHat had this to say about Anti-Flag's brave, well-articulated stance against police brutality:

""Fuck police, fuck police, fuck police brutality."
What a profound political statement.

Apparently, the solution, as provided by Anti-flag, to the ever growing problem of police brutality in America, is simple. As a society, we should come together and just "fuck it". Problem solved."

That was just too well-said for me to do anything but post it here. I'll probably end up saying hi at some point in the GOPunk discussion board, even though it appears that not a whole lot has been posted there in recent months, and even though it's already attracted the feverish attention of everyone's favorite Communo-Anarchist Socialist Anti-State Pro-State Anti-Violence Pro-Violence Anti-Capitalist Pro-Capitalist, who shall remain nameless because he sucks bigtime.

Kinda like Anti-Flag.

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