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Friday, June 27, 2003  

Good Stuff

Frank (the Frank without a triple-PhD in Punk Rock Songwriting) has interviewed some of the Dems' top Presidential candidates, and the results are nuttier than [insert here something that has a lot of nuts in it, like a Mr. Goodbar, or Berkeley]*.

Also: Said recently by Denis Leary at his own roast: "Sean Penn couldn't make it because he's roasting Chemical Ali at the Baghdad Hilton. Between his political views and 'I Am Sam,' people are thinking he really is [bleeping] retarded."

I love it.

*It's Friday, it's hotter than the dusty bowels of Hell, and there's a six-pack of Yuengling waiting for me to come liberate it from the liquor store in half an hour. Please excuse my poor, overused joke.

(Thanks to Inoperable Terran for leading me to the Leary quote.)

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