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Friday, May 09, 2003  

New Evidence Has Come To Light In The "Geoff vs. Everyone Who Thinks He's A Bigger Jerk Than He Really Is" Case

Longest headline ever!

Anyway, here's the evidence: My record store just got our shipment of the new Alkaline Trio album, "Good Mourning," and even though I have not one but TWO burned CDs of this record courtesy of Kazaa (one is the demo versions + the new-wavy 'Emma', the other is the tracks as they appear on the actual release), I bought a copy.

That's right, I bought it.

Weeks ago, I downloaded and burned the demo versions of most of the songs along with ten or twelve b-sides and live songs, to make myself a nifty little Alkaline Trio comp. Later, I found what seemed to be the 'actual' album versions of the songs and burned them to a CD. Then, today, when the official release became available, I spent my money on it. Because I wanted to. Because they deserve my money.

In this situation, everyone is happier: The band and label are happy because they were compensated for their time and their efforts, and I am happy because now I have the *real* CD, with its *real* booklet and digipak, AND because I can rest easy knowing that I haven't ripped off a band that I truly give more than one or two shits about.

(Now is the time that you shower me with praise!)

No, Matt, Dan, and Derek probably didn't NEED my $9.99. They most likely wouldn't have starved to death or turned into lepers if I had decided to stick with my illegally-copied CD of their music. No angels would have cried, no pixies would have had their life-lights extinguished, no face of Satan would have appeared in the smoke clouds over a volcano in Haiti if I hadn't bought the CD.

The point isn't (and wasn't ever) that bands don't NEED tons of money. Lots of them sure don't. I doubt that stupid whorecunt Madonna is hurting too much because her new record is tanking. That isn't the point. The point is that the Alkaline Trio took their guitars into a studio and played their songs that they had spent time writing, and the songs were recorded, and some more people helped them tweak the songs into sounding polished and refined, and basically this whole thing was a group effort done by people who care about what they're doing, and if they hadn't done it, then I wouldn't have this collection of music that I dig so very, very much. They deserve my money.

I thought I was going somewhere with this, like I had a big, grand conclusion or point or something, but I guess not. Number 27 on the Reasons Why I Am Not Paid To Write list.

"Good Mourning" is really good. You should buy it.

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