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Friday, May 02, 2003  

If My Dreams Were Made Of Stainless Steel, This Is What They'd Look Like:

Click here for information on how to buy it for me. Once it's in my possession, I'll be able to call my friends up one by one and ask them, "Hey, I was gonna go take the DeLorean out on the Parkway, get that bitch up to 88, see what happens. Wanna come?"

At which point, my friends will say, "You must be some kind of an idiot. Your car doesn't have the necessary flux capacitor/time circuit apparatus, just a 'Y' made out of glued-together macaroni hanging behind the driver's seat, so what'll probably happen is you'll get a ticket, and cry about it while the cop laughs at you and asks you where you got the life preserver, and if you think you're gonna drown."

At which point, I will tell my friends, "Shut up. I hate you."

(I'm off to buy some lottery tickets.)

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