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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

Heads Up

The Alkaline Trio are gonna be on Conan O'Brien tonight (Tuesday the 13th).

Set yer VCRs!

UPDATE - The Next Day:

Here's a screen capture from my tape of said appearance. They played 'All On Black' from the new record. I'll see if I can get an mp3 of this up here later today; the audio mix was really kinda interesting: lots of kick drum, and very punchy, up-front bass (Danny played his mint-green GPC signature bass, which is as beautiful as Michael Moore is disgusting, and which I lust after in the same way that I lust after seeing Michael Moore at the end of a rope).

UPDATE - Again:
To give you some idea of the odds that are stacked against me in my day-to-day fight against going batshit crazy-- Matt's guitar had a sticker on it.

A god. Damn. Punkvoter. Dot com. Sticker.

Catching this little detail while watching the video again was like finding a thousand-dollar bill in the road and then having a guy run up to you and say "HAHA THAT MONEY IS COVERED IN SARS AND NOW YOU WILL BE VERY SICK!"

Repeat, to myself, over and over: "they're only a band. they're only a band. buying their cd does not cast a vote for the democrats."

Dammit all, though.

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