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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

Foucault, Etc.

I just stumbled across this piece by NR's Jonah Goldberg in which he makes vicious, delicious fun of the writings of professional French jerkoff Michel Foucault.

This is one of my favorite parts:

"Foucault was a Frenchman who asked a lot of questions. If they came from your seven-year-old kid you'd answer, "Just because." Since he was a "philosopher of systems of thought" everyone took him seriously (by everyone, I mean the subsidized goatee-faced ashtrays found in Paris caf├ęs)."

"Subsidized goatee-faced ashtrays!" That's going directly into my Things I Wish I'd Thought Of file, right between Casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Zombies.


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