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Monday, April 14, 2003  

Quoth Mr. Skiba...

The new sub-header quote above is something Matt Skiba said about what punk is, in an interview with (I found it on the message board.) I dedicate it to Kidicarus, the Magnificent Idiot.

An interesting thing to note: In the interview, Mr. Skiba directly compares the Bush administration to Nazis ("What's going on with the Bush administration... they're like Nazis.") and even goes as far as to say "They're just blowing things up and killing people for the benefit of the Bush family and the oil industry."

(Well big, friggin' duhh! Everyone knows how much oil is generated and refined by blowing things up and killing people! It's the chemical reaction of MURDER BROWN PEOPLE + EXPLOSIONS = $$$ OIL $$$)

But then... ZOUNDS! The interviewer actually questions the truthfulness of the "it's all about oooiiillll" line, and gets Matt to admit, "I guess for the same reason that we don't write political songs, I can't go into this huge thing like I know what I'm talking about, because I only know what I hear. How much of that is true? I don't really know."

Unfortunately (for him), Mr. Skiba is still of the "Bush didn't win" school, but that's not the important thing here. The important thing here is that you ask me how I'm gonna get down to the shore. OK, that's not the important thing, the important thing here is that I absolutely disagree with much of what this musician has to say, but I still buy his records and merchandise and listen to his lyrics and love his music because he keeps his politics out of it, 99% of the time. The other 1%? Well, there's a song on "Good Mourning" where he sings about his worst nightmare, which apparently is a world in which satellite-radio owns every radio station and "forces" people to listen to their pre-programmed playlists. My advice to him, should we find ourselves in such a world soon, is that he take his own advice, given in the very same song, which is simply: "turn that fucking radio off."

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