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Thursday, April 10, 2003  

Punk Voter

A guy who works for the evil capitalist money-making Fat Wreck Chords (punk label owned by Fat Mike of NOFX) sends e-mails to my record store periodically, informing us about upcoming releases and added-value promotional items and the like. In his most recent e-mail, I noticed several hyperlinks in his signature at the bottom. One of them was

I was curious, so I clicked it.

Punk Voter Dot Com: A great idea! Motivate young punks who are of voting age to get their asses to the polls! Help inform our disenfranchised youth about the importance of participating in the electoral process.

Punk Voter Dot Com: Leftist bullshit out the fucking wazoo. Links to Michael Moore's site, to Indymedia, to several anti-war sites. "Fifteen Reasons You Should Hate The President." "Objective: To vote Bush and the Republicans out of office." Etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum (hell, it made me feel very nauseum).

Punk Voter Dot Com: Punks? Anti-individualists? Collectivist Hippies? Hey, What's The Difference, Anyway, When You've Got A Green Mohawk And An Anti-Flag T-Shirt?

The best part is, and holy hell, this could be interpreted as brilliant satire... when the main page loads it plays the Sham 69 song "If The Kids Are United" in the background.


UPDATE: While browsing the site earlier, I missed this little gem:

You may ask yourself why we often refer to him as George Bush Jr. rather than George W or GW. Well, ya see folks, this whole thing is a product of good ol' Republican spin which comes about from his staff attempting to give Jr. an identity that's distinctly his own; and detach him from his non-re-elected pappy. But let's not kid ourselves, he IS the son of a President, and statistics reveal that many people mistakenly voted for him thinking that they were voting for his father.

Emphasis added by me, to emphasize how FUCKING ABYSMALLY STUPID the Left assumes everyone else is. That's assuming's "statistics" weren't simply pulled out of's "ass."

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