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Monday, April 21, 2003  

Democracy, Whisky, Sexy

It would almost seem that I am contractually obligated to mention Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience, and a solo career as of late), host of the Blogs of War, on this crappy site of mine every week, but in fact there is no obligation. It's just that he keeps on doing great stuff. He's written a new song! It's called "Democracy, Whisky, Sexy." You can listen to it here (the page might take a long time to load or return a "server too busy" message... keep trying, it's there, along with an explanation of the song's title).

Dr. Frank is one of the best "pop-punk" songwriters I've ever heard. His lyrics make your typical pop-punk lyrics ("ooh girl, I wrote you a letter, you broke my heart, I wrote you a letter, I am crying many tears, girl girl girl, and something about society, etc.") look, well... as stupid as they are.

Go listen to his new song, and throw him a buck or two if you can. Also, if you live in the Northeast, or if you own some kind of a teleportation pod, you can see him on tour starting next weekend (he's doing nine shows). Check his blog for the link to where/when he's playing (Maxwell's, 4/28, I'm so there).

(hat tip: A Small Victory!)

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