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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  


I was gonna do something with this crappy site today, like make it look all communist and red and post things about communo-anarchy and how capitalists are soulless Republican-programmed drones and how I hate people who eat meat and how I threw a brick at some lady's SUV yesterday...

...but then I visited Inoperable Terran, who's pulled off the "April Fools' I'm A Communist Now Haha" thing rather nicely, and better than I would've.

Ah, well. Now I don't have to, because if I did, I'd be an unoriginal bastard.

So, um... April Fools! I don't really have a candle-lit shrine to Avril Lavigne in my basement! Really I don't.

April, uh, fools.

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hehe, etc.
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